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Backlot Express food allergy Guest Review

Backlot Express dining with a food allergy

We are thrilled to have Danielle provide this guest review of her dining experience.

I want to share my favorite dining experience at Disneyworld, the Backlot Express! Backlot Express is located in Hollywood Studios. I went to this place many times during my trip in the Spring of 2010 because I enjoyed the food and service so much. The manager was well aware of food allergies and took my milk allergy very seriously. He personally served me my meal, even though the restaurant is a grab-and-go type of restaurant.

I ordered the chicken tenderloins (which were free of the top 8 allergens) and french fries. They both tasted great! He allowed me to read all labels, and told me the chicken tenders and fries were fried in a separate fryer apart from the allergen containing fryer. I thought that was great that they were so knowledgeable. I suggest going before the rush gets there, because the lines can be very long and meals get prepared quick as possible during these times, leaving more room for error.

I felt very confident and safe eating at the Backlot Express, and would recommend it to anyone who has one or more of the top 8 food allergies. It is also affordable and my food was prepared quick so we could go ride the rides and enjoy Disney World.

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